14 weeks!

I'm into my second trimester!! YAY!! The first 13 weeks or so have been pretty rough as far as the morning sickness and fatigue go. I have NO IDEA why they call it "morning" sickness because for me I felt the worst during the hours of 4pm till I went to bed.... which during the first trimester was usually around 8:30pm. I felt so bad for Chris because I was pretty much dead to the world all night. We both work all day and then we would get home and I would just chill or sleep on the couch till I crawled into bed. Of course it didn't bother Chris but I always felt terrible. The good news is... I'm finally beginning to feel better! I can now stay up till 10 or 10:30 most nights and I have more "good" moments than bad/nauseous moments. Though last night I did get pretty sick, but again... these moments aren't as frequent or intense as they were a week or two ago. I'm hoping that in the next few weeks I will have ZERO nausea, but we shall see.

I figured it was time to post some belly pictures for those of you who keep asking me to. I am now 14 weeks and 1 day and honestly there is not much of a bump yet. I can still fit into all of my clothes, but sometimes (usually after a meal) I have to unbutton my pants. I am anxious to start showing, but right now I feel like I have hit that "FLUFFY" stage. Call me "Flabby Abby" if you want! ha!

5.5 weeks... the day after we found out we were expecting!

9 weeks... not much has changed

11.5 weeks...still nothing....

13 weeks...if you look close, and I mean REALLY close, you might see a little something...

Next Dr. visit.... MAY 5th! (OB appointment)
Next ultrasound... JUNE 2nd.... we will found out the sex at that visit!!!


Mandie said...

I can see a "little" something :) I'm so excited for you and you're so skinny! It will be no time before you start showing..one day you will wake up and go Oh my goodness! Can't wait to hear how your next dr.'s appt goes.

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Glad you are feeling better. I remember 8:30 bedtimes too! No worries...belly is on the way!