"Pregnancy Brain"

So, it's true.... pregnancy brain really does exist. It took over my life this past Wednesday while I was at work. Seriously, it came out of no where and seems to have made me its home for while. During work on Wednesday I would go to do something, like pull a chart or even put paper in the copier and literally within 15-30 seconds I would have NO IDEA what I was about to do. It is the craziest thing. This happened about four or five times throughout the day and then continued on into Thursday.... and then guess what?? Yep, that's right, it happened again today! I've never been so forgetful in my entire life. It's really weird and slightly frustrating when I'm trying to work and have no clue what I'm doing. "Pregnancy Brain" is indeed a real thing and sorry folks, but I'll apologize now- If I say I'm going to call you and then forget to, or if I miss a birthday or forget something important, please forgive me... I'm not doing it on purpose!


Mark and Janna said...

FYI - it only gets worse when the baby comes :) Pregnancy brains multiplies by three and turns into "mommy brain" permanently. I literally have no memory, and have apparently turned into an airhead. Its wonderful.

Chris and Abby said...

haha... thanks J! Thats really encouraging! ;)