It's a .....


Today we went for our 20 week ultrasound, though I'm only just into my 19th week. Our little girl has grown so much since the last time we saw her at 11 weeks. This was a pretty big appointment because not only did we find out we are having a girl, but they also checked all of her development. Her brain, heart and rest of the body look great! She is healthy and growing, growing, growing! We are so thankful for this precious gift from our God and cannot wait to meet her in the fall.
I know, the next question is what names have we picked out? To be honest, we haven't even talked names until today. We have also decided not to share any of our options until we have picked "the one". This is because too many people share their thoughts and opinions and it could potentially alter our final decision. SO... no names until we have picked "the one".

I promise to update again soon with pictures and more of our little girl, but for now, I'm going to get some sleep!


Aubrey said...

i agree!!! not sharing until u find the one is a good idea!! toooo many opinions! i am sooo happy for you abby!!! love u!

The Sanders said...

Yay! A girl! We like girls. ;) Excited for y'all.