Water and soap scum, that is! So here's the deal. Our master shower has two glass walls and they are nearly impossible to keep clean. It absolutely drives me CRAZY!!! I literally cannot stand it. No matter how often I scrub and how diligent I am about using the squeegie (sp?) after showering, the water/soap scum continues to build up. I've had enough! So, today during Avery's afternoon nap I decided I would try to conquer the irritating scum once and for all. I did some research and found that scrubbing the wall with a lemon and then spraying it down with a mixture of water and vinegar should help to break down the scum. Then use a dryer sheet for the scrubbing. Afterwards, I cleaned the shower like normal. It actually helped! It sure isn't perfect, but I can tell a huge difference and feel better about the looks and cleanliness of our shower. Any other cleaning advice is welcomed!!! :)


Jordan said...

Try 1 part chicken broth, to 2 parts clorox.....sounds crazy I know, but just try it.

Kimberly and Jordan said...

I just scrubbed showers today haha. I poured a cup or two of baking soda into a bowl and added water by the tablespoon until I got a paste. I scrubbed the shower with the paste and let it dry. Then I came back and sprayed with a vinegar/water mixture, scrubbed a bit more and rinsed. We don't have glass doors so it's hard to tell a big before/after. I found this on ehow or something like that. Good luck friend!