A week in Melbourne, FL

So, back in August (yes, I realize I am way behind on blogging...) Avery and I left Chris and Bailey behind for a week in Melbourne, Florida. My mother-in-law always goes to her brothers condo for a week or two during the summer and we try to go with her whenever we can. This year, Chris wasn't able to go because he didn't have enough vacation time and he also started his new position just 6 weeks before and didn't feel like it would be appropriate to take a week off so soon. We were sad to leave him and really wished he could have been there with us.

Friday, August 13th, Justin, Adriane, Micah, Avery and I loaded up the car and began our 8 hour drive from Niceville to Melbourne. I wish I had taken a picture of just how loaded down we were with 3 adults and 2 babies.... we had quite a lot of stuff packed into one car!! The babies did fabulous on the drive down and we only stopped twice for feedings and diaper changes. Cheryl was already in Melbourne and was so excited when we finally arrived Friday afternoon. The entire week was full of fun, laughter, great food and some great memories of Avery and Micah playing together on the beach or in the pool. One evening, Adriane and I even had the opportunity to go see a movie while Justin and Cheryl watched the babies! (We saw The Help- which I strongly encourage you all to see...and READ the book, too!!!) It was nice being able to get out and actually go to the movie theater. We had great weather, but just like typical FL weather, we had afternoon storms almost every day. Adriane and I would put Micah and Avery down for their afternoon naps and hurry to the pool and as soon as we would get all lathered up and relaxed with a book in our hands it would start to storm. Oh well.

My cousin Shelley lives in New Smyrna Beach, which isn't far from Melbourne, and was able to drive down for a few hours on Thursday. Aunt Debbie came with her and I was absolutely thrilled to spend time with them. We ate lunch and played with Avery and really just enjoyed catching up. We are all so busy these days and rarely get to see one another that I was soaking it all in.

The next morning we were up early and back on the road as the sun was rising. It was a wonderful week   and I really enjoyed spending time with Cheryl, Justin and Adriane. I'm so very blessed that we all get along so well. Micah and Avery are a blast and I just love it when we get them together. Hopefully next year Chris and Ed can join us!!!

All lathered up for the beach!  
Avery in the water with her Uncle J!!!
She is very much a water baby- she would play in the water all day if we let her!

Our beach set up

Grandmommy loving her time with the babies

The condo

Waiting to get in the pool

Seriously the cutest cousins ever!

Do they look alike or what?!?!

Playing with cousin Shelley

Aunt Debbie!

Love my sweet family!!!! 

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