A Lake Martin Weekend

Chris' mom turned the big 6-0 this past week (and I'm sure she'll kill me for posting her age for all to see!!!)  and to celebrate, Ed rented a house on Lake Martin.  Justin, Adriane, Micah, Chris, me, Avery, my parents and Adriane's mom all spent the weekend together just relaxing, playing games, and eating delicious food. Cheryl was so suprised we were all there waiting for her on Friday night and even more surprised that my parents and Jackie were there, too! Ed, Justin and Christopher pulled off an awesome weekend for Cheryl and we created many memories that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful that our families get along so well and that we had the opportunity to spend a weekend together with nothing on the agenda. Avery and Micah had a blast playing... well, let's just say, Avery had a blast chasing Micah around while he crawled as fast as he could away from her. Maybe one day soon he will enjoy playing with her! haha. 

I love this sweet nephew of mine!

Avery is a full time walker these days!!! She has officially left the crawling behind....

I seriously can't get enough of Daddy/Daughter photos!

The beautiful sunset Saturday night over Lake Martin

Avery loves being chased!

and then captured by daddy!

We loved playing with Micah all weekend, too!

gotta love Avery's new facial expression!

One of my favorite moments was reading these two precious babies a book! 

Aren't they so cute?!?!

Justin and Christopher had a blast lighting all 60 candles on Cheryl's red velvet cheesecake cake! YUMMY!

Grandmommy and her babies

Avery and Uncle J

Just before we left we gathered all of the balloons in a corner and put the kids in the middle. Though they both love to play with balloons, Micah wasn't too sure about being in the midst of them all. Avery, of course, loved it!

cutest smile ever!

It was a wonderful weekend and as soon as I can get a group picture from Ed I will be sure to post it. Happy birthday, Cheryl!!!!

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The Sanders said...

Looks like fun....
Okay, it just cracks me up that your in-laws names are Cheryl and Ed. :)