Thanksgiving in Seattle 2011

We spent Thanksgiving with our good friends, The Howell's, in Seattle this year. You might remember reading about the Howell's in some of my previous posts. They lived here in Niceville and we grew very close during that time. Kim and I went through our pregnancies together and sadly, they were stationed just outside of Seattle just a month before their daughter, Adalynn, was born. Avery was born 4 weeks after Adalynn. We have all kept in touch throughout this last year and Chris and I really wanted to visit them before Jordan deploys next year. 

We flew out early Thanksgiving morning and Avery did fantastic on both of the flights. Kim cooked a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for all of us and we got to meet two of the LT's in Jordan's command.... small world- my sister, Amanda knows the brother and sister of one of the guys we met! Crazy! 

Friday we spent the day at Pike Place Market. Chris and I LOVED this market. They had so much fresh produce, fish, flowers for super cheap.... it was amazing. We shopped around all day and enjoyed some yummy chowder at Pike Place Chowder Co. 

Saturday was a lazy day for us. We enjoyed playing with Avery and Adalynn and walking around their community. It was also a big day for college football, so we went to a pizza place to watch the Alabama/Auburn game. 

Sunday morning before the rest of us woke up, Jordan left for training. The rest of us just enjoyed hanging out and playing until it was time to go back to the airport. It was so sad having to say good-bye and I have to admit that I cried walking into the airport. Chris and I are so blessed to have Kim, Jordan and Adalynn in our lives and we hope that one day we can live close to eachother again. Sunday proved to be a LONG day. After 6 hours of flying we finally walked in our house at 12:30am. Again, Avery was terrific on our flights. She really is the best traveler. 

Avery and Adalynn- BFF's!

Thanksgiving 2011

Pike Place Market............
Though the sun was shining and it wasn't raining- it was still FREEZING for us Floridians! Sweet Avery didn't know what to think of all those clothes, hats and mittens we stuffed her in!

Chris was on baby duty while the rest of us made a restroom run!  Great practice for the future!  haha!

in front of the original Starbucks

I loved loved loved seeing the snow capped mountains. It was also so clear on our drive back to their house that we were able to see Mt. Ranier- sadly, no picture!

Daddies and their girls!!!

Adalynn being sweet and giving kisses

Adalynn talking on the phone
 Photo shoot in their matching Christmas pj's.................


 Bath time................
Adalynn was not fond of sharing her bath with Avery...

seriously, not happy!

gotta love the toddler bath photos!

We had the best visit and are so thankful that Kim and Jordan opened up their home to us for Thanksgiving. The weather could not have been more beautiful-- it only rained the day we flew in and the day we flew out! Chris and I are so thankful for our frienship with Jordan and Kim. Love you guys!!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Aw, Abs love it. Uploaded my pics last night, fixed them tonight, and hopefully emailing soon. That's a start. miss you and so glad yall' came!