Over the past few months it seems as though our house has been overtaken by toys. Our living room seemed to be the best play area for Avery and therefore we were always stepping over her toys and I felt like our house was always cluttered. We have a sun room/office that we NEVER use except for the few times a year that we have someone stay with us and so we thought it would make the most sense to turn it into a play room. BEST.IDEA.EVER. Over the last month we have consigned most of the furniture that was in that room and we have converted the space into an awesome play room for Avery. I feel like I have my living room back and love that Avery has a safe play space for all of her toys. 

I thought I had a picture of the room before we converted it; but, I can't seem to find it anywhere!

The book shelf on the right was in Avery's room, but we moved it into the playroom to make room for baby K's crib in Avery's room....

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