Name Guesses

Here is the list of those who are guessing baby K's name! Uncle Andy was the only one to guess correctly with Avery- Let's see who gets it right this time! Hope I didn't forget anyone's guesses!

Natalie- Kensie Rose
Emily P.- Katelyn Rose
Janna- Kayla Reese
Emily S.- Katherine Renee
Kim- Kinsley Ruth
Dad- Kimberly Rose
Mom- Kay Riley or Krystal Rae
Jessi - Kristen Rose
Dani- Kennedy (still working on a middle name!)
Amanda- Kiley Rea
Lauren K. - Kinley
Katherine- Katherine Reeves
Ali- Kate
Ashlyn- Reagan (still working on the first name!)
Uncle Andy - Kristen

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Amanda Archer said...

I think mom and I are right with the middle name Rae! My next guess would have to be the same as Ashlyn..Reagan!