Baltimore- March 2012

Back in March the entire Ireland family went up to Baltimore to visit Chris' grandmother, Nanna. We flew up and Avery did a fantastic job. She is such a great traveler!  I think this was her 4th trip to fly somewhere and she isn't even a year and a half yet! My goodness! While we were there we had a memorial service for Chris' grandfather, Poppop, who passed away the first week of December 2011. The service was absolutely beautiful and his family said some wonderful things about him. Poppop was such an incredible man and we will all miss him very much. It was important for all of us to have this service and to have the closure that we all needed. I think Nanna needed it more than she realized, too.  

Chris' cousins, Aunt and Uncle were there also- but I don't have any pictures of anyone other than the babies and Nanna! I'll have to get some from my father-in-law! 

Flowers that my parents sent to Nanna on the day of the service. 

Sweet Micah

Nanna and her two Great-Granddaughters, Avery and baby K.
This was the closest Avery would get to Nanna.... She had some major attachment issues that weekend. 

It was a great weekend and of course, it went by way too fast. 

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