The Bump at 30 weeks

I am 30 weeks and 3 days today and feeling great. Yes, I'm starting to feel the 3rd trimester fatigue but I'm still feeling good. I'm not yet in the uncomfortable stage and I'm definitely not sick anymore. I love this stage of pregnancy. Feeling baby girl move around is my favorite part of pregnancy. It's one of the things I missed the most after having Avery. Over the past week I haven't been sleeping well, but it's just all in preparation for my many sleepless nights ahead. 

Last week, Chris and I had the 4D ultrasound and baby K did not cooperate at all. Avery gave us a hard time during her 4D u/s, but baby K was even worse. I think we got 2 good pictures of her face and that is it. She was quite comfortable down in my hip using the placenta as a pillow and covering the other half of her face with her arm and hand. After several attempts at trying to move her, the sonographer finally suggested that I get up and go to the bathroom and jump around in hopes of moving her into a better position. So, I did just that; went to the bathroom, did some jumping jacks and wished that she would move so we could get a better glimpse of our little girl. Well, she moved alright! She completely flipped over so that all we could see was her spine! Silly little girl already showing us her attitude.... 
Thankfully, our sonographer is so sweet and suggested that we try again at my next appointment. We were so grateful because this is an elective ultrasound that we had to pay for and were slightly disappointed when we didn't get a good shot of her. So, hopefully next week I'll have some great 4D pics of our little girl. :) 

I'm still working out, though I've had to back off some and modify a lot of the moves in my classes. I've dropped down to only two classes a week- body rip and strengthening. The other days I stick to cardio whether its on the eliptical, walking or jogging. 

I've gained about 23 pounds so far. With Avery I gained exactly 30. I'll probably pass that mark this go around, but that's alright! 

30 weeks 3 days:

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Kylie said...

I can't believe you are already at 30 wks! I know you guys are only telling the first initial, so to add my late guess I think Kylie is a great choice :)