Kinsley: Two Months!

Our sweet, precious Kinsley is two months old! It's like I blinked and the last two months flashed before my eyes. Kinsley has brought so much joy into our family over these two months and it never gets old just sitting and staring at her! :)

She is such a great baby and has a personality all her own. I find it so hard not to compare Kinsley to Avery at each stage. For example: Avery slept for her first 3 months of life- no joke.... it was rare to see her eyes! Kinsley, on the other hand, has plenty of "awake" times throughout the day and always has. I guess she just doesn't need as much sleep as big sister! There are other differences, too, and I love it! Both of my girls are unique in their own ways and I love each of them for who they are!

Kinsley is growing like a weed!!  I knew she was getting bigger, but it's so hard to tell since I see her every day. Plus, next to Avery she always looks so small. Well, I don't have to be concerned about whether or not she is eating enough....

Weight: 10 lbs 9.6 oz (50%)
Height: 23 in (75%)
Head Circ.: 14.5 in (10%)

Kinsley at 2 months:
- has great head control (she must have strong neck muscles under all those rolls!)
- can roll from tummy to her back (as of 6 weeks old)
- is starting to "coo"
- smiles a lot!
- loves bath time
- hates tummy time
- content when being held and walked around the house.
- enjoys her swing
- loves to stare at the turtle on the play mat

- might have an "outie" belly button-- we still can't tell what it's going to do!
- has finally started sleeping "through the night"! We put her down between 8:45pm-9:15pm and she doesn't wake up to eat until 5-5:30am! It took about 8-8.5 weeks to reach this point, but we are finally there!
- She doesn't cry when we put her in her crib at night any more!
- Afternoons and evenings are her fussy times.
- Still cries most of her 1pm nap time, but her morning nap is smooth sailing and doesn't cry when I lay her down for her morning nap anymore.
 - can grasp a rattle
- still breastfeeding.... 6-7 times a day. She's a quick nurser- maybe 5-8 min total. She also gets at least one bottle a day and will take 5 oz no problem!
-Wears size 1 diapers and is mostly in 3 month clothes already. Only a few of her NB outfits still fit.

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Karen said...

Ahh, so excited for you Abby!! It sounds like your adjustment to two is going super well:) I'm so jealous of Kinsley being a fast nurser...my third Hannah is almost four months and she really isn't a fast nurser at all. She cluster feeds, so she will eat and then eat again a half hour later many times!! My oldest, Maggie was a fast nurser and it was such a blessing!! How is Avery adjusting to Kinsley??
- Karen(Lesser)Ponds