Bath time-- 6 weeks old

How is it even possible that Kinsley is 6 weeks old?!!? She loves bath time and I thought today would be a great time to show you how much she has grown. Truthfully, I have had no idea just how much she has been growing. Compared to Avery, she is so small. Everyone always tells me that she is getting so big, but I just couldn't see it. Yesterday, we went to visit our friends in the hospital who just welcomed their second baby boy, Eddy Brant Haynie II, and Chris and I were both shocked to see just how much bigger Kinsley was than Eddy.... and they are only 6 weeks apart! Then, looking at these pictures I am just stunned that our little girl is growing so fast. Oh so bitter-sweet.

1 day old

6 days old

6 weeks old

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