Kinsley- 1 month

Our precious little Kinsley is one month old! It's hard to believe! These past 4+ weeks as a family of 4 have been so wonderful. Kinsley is such a good baby and we are all adjusting well. Chris was home from work for two weeks and we had requested that family allow us to have that time together before they all came into town to visit. It was an amazing 2 weeks that of course, went by too fast. We had Kinsley's one and two week dr appointments, ventured to the Seaside farmer's market and to church during those two weeks. Chris and Avery also had a blast going to the pool together. I was sad when Chris had to go back to work, but the day he started back was the day all of my family started coming into town to meet Kinsley. She had several visitors during that next week, which also meant extra helping hands for me! Of course, everyone planned to visit during the same week, so it was a crazy busy week, but the next week was much more quiet and finally my time to adjust to being a SAHM to two precious girls all by myself. I think I have adjusted well! On our first day just the three of us, I braved an outing to CVS and then to meet Chris for lunch. Later that week we also went to the grocery store. I must admit- I was quite nervous to go to the grocery store by myself with a newborn and a 20 month old- but was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went. I simply put Kinsley in the moby wrap and Avery sat in the buggy. I didn't have a melt down from either girl and was able to complete my shopping experience with no problems! Praise the Lord!

I don't have one month stats for Kinsley because she didn't have an appointment this month- but here are some other stats for you.
weight: 7lbs 8.5oz
height: 22in
head: 12 3/4 in

weight: 7lbs 2oz (25%)
height: 20.5 in (75%) ... yes, this is shorter than her birth stats: according to the nurse babies tend to shrink in length once their heads round out and aren't cone shaped from being in the canal during labor. I just wouldn't have guessed it would be THAT different!
head circ.: 13 in (10%)

weight: 7lbs 9.6oz (above her birth weight!!!) (25%)
height: 20.5 inches (75%)
head: 13.5 in (25%)

Kinsley at one month:

-still has her hair!!! :) I'm praying those beautiful locks don't all fall out!
-wears NB clothes and is squeezing into her NB diapers... we should proabably move her into size 1 diapers, but I can't let the remaining NB diapers go to waste!
-nurses 7-8 times a day every 2.5-3 hours
-must be an efficient eater because she NEVER eats more than 6-8 minutes. It's RARE that she will nurse from the second side at a feeding. She always pops off after 4 minutes of eating and I struggle to get her to latch back on for another 2-4 minutes. Of course, this bothers me, but I keep reminding myself that she is obviously growing because her clothes are getting tighter and she has way more wet and dirty diapers than the books say she should! Now if I could just be okay with her eating habits and stop spending another 20-30 minutes trying to force her to eat!
-sleeps a good majority of the day, but does have more wake times than Avery did at this point.
-goes 3.5-4.5 hours between feedings at night
-started babywise at 3 weeks, but it is MUCH harder to accomplish when my attention is also on a 20 month old.
-has great neck strength and can hold her head up really well
-hates tummy time... she lasts about 2-3 minutes before the screaming begins
-loves to be held up over our shoulder as opposed to the cradle position.
-when she is crying we have discovered the best way to console her is by walking around. If we stop for even a minute she starts to cry again-- this is NOT COOL! We are really trying to break this before it gets any worse!
-still sleeps in the pack n play in our room and probably will until she is sleeping through the night. I don't want Avery's awesome sleep habits ruined!
-seems to really enjoy bath time
-eyes have changed from that dark grey newborn color to a beautiful blue.
-has the most ear piercing cry I have ever heard.

**Thanks to my sweet friend, Kim, for the stickybellies!!! **


Sarah said...

What a sweetie! And you're right: she has great hair. No worries about not nursing long since she's gaining weight. My cousin's kids were quick nursers. Be thankful with a toddler running around! Sounds like you're an awesome mommy.

Jordan said...

Chris Ireland all over!