Kinsley Rae Ireland

Kinsley Rae Ireland
June 21, 2012
7lbs 8.5oz

Our beautiful little Kinsley has arrived! The week of her delivery was a whirlwind of events. Monday night, the 18th, Chris, Avery and I went out on a friends boat. We all had Papa Johns Pizza and enjoyed spending time together. That night, Chris and I were up sick ALL night. I would say it was food poisoning, but Avery and our friends weren't sick at all and they ate the same things we did.... 
Tuesday came and went and we were feeling better. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling like I had the flu. I had the chills one minute and the next I would be sweating. Around 6:30am I was having terrible stomach pains (gas like pains) and was achy all over. Along with my stomach pains came some contractions and low back/abdominal pain. I ended up calling my parents to come watch Avery for me because I was feeling so sick and weak. As the morning went along, I began thinking that these were definitely contractions and began wondering if I should go to the birth center and get checked out. I wasn't in a lot of pain and wasn't really sure if this was real labor or not. The contractions felt differently from braxton hicks, but I wasn't miserable and in terrible pain like I expected real labor to feel like. My parents came over to help with Avery and I took a much needed bath and shower. I also decided I should pack the remaining toiletries for my hospital bag and packed a bag for Avery in case I was admitted if I did decide to go get checked out. Around noon on Wednesday my parents and I decided we should at least go over into Destin and I could walk around the outlets for a while and see what happened with the contractions. I wanted to be close to the hospital and not worry about having to drive over the mid-bay bridge in the later stages of labor. (A few weeks prior, a girl delivered her baby on the mid-bay bridge and I was panicked ever since!!) Dad took Avery and Bailey home while mom and I walked around the outlets. By 2:45 I was getting hooked up to the monitors at the hospitals birth center to see what all was going on. When the nurse checked me I was 4 cm and 80-90% effaced (same #'s from my dr. visit the day before). They monitored me for an hour and my contractions were coming every 2-5 minutes, but my cervix wasn't changing. The next hour I was givin fluids because I was a little dehydrated and Kinsley wasn't as "perky" as they would have liked for her to be. The fluids helped her and didn't really change my contractions much. They died down a little bit, but were still coming about every 5 minutes. After 3 hours of being monitored and having zero change they decided to send me home. I have to admit I was pretty dissapointed by that point. The conractions continued for the next 2-3 hours, but not as frequently. Chris and I headed home that night and I didn't have the first contraction throughout the night. We had already planned for my parents to come help with Avery again on Thursday morning since Wednesday was such a crazy day. I'm so glad they did, because Thursday morning around 9:30 my doctor called and said that she would like for me to come in before noon. I immediately showered and headed to the dr (hospital bags in tow, just in case!!!). I wasn't exactly sure why she was wanting me to come in, but once I got there they hooked me up to the monitors again and she told me that since Kinsley wasn't as active the day before that she wanted to check on her to be sure everything was ok. After an hour of being monitored she came in and was happy with Kinsley's report. She decided to check me again and I was 5cm, but not having many contractions. After she checked me she told me that she was ready to send me over to the birth center if I was ready. We decided I would go eat lunch with Chris and walk around some to see if that sparked any contractions before I went to the hospital. SOOO.... I picked up subway and went to Chris' clinic. We ate and then I walked on the treadmill for a while. I still wasn't having many contractions, but after talking about it, we decided we would head on over to the hospital anyway. 

2pm checked in to the hospital
2:45pm dr came and broke my water
3:15 started pitocin
3:30pm epidural
5:50 dr came to check me and I was 8cm 
6:50 started pushing
7:02 Kinsley Rae was born!!!!

We had a wonderful team of nurses and of course I just love my doctor! She has delivered both of our girls and I am so thankful for her. I didn't have to push nearly as long with Kinsley as I did with Avery, but both deliveries were quick and easy for me. (Gotta love those epidurals!) 

Checking in and signing my life away....

Last picture as a family of 3!

ichatting with Justin, Adriane and Micah

My love

So thankful for my parents


Avery meeting Kinsley for the first time.

Avery absolutely loved Kinsley from the moment she met her. She wouldn't stop giving her hugs and kisses- it was the sweetest sight ever.

The big sister!

Family of 4--- I have never been happier!
Not sure if you can read Avery's shirt, but we had this made as a way to tell our parents Kinsley's name.
The front of the shirt says "Kinsley Rae's big sister" 
FaceTime with my sister, Amanda! 

The back of the shirt

The proud grandparents and their granddaughters!

Kinsley and her head full of dark hair! I LOVE IT!

The proud Daddy!

Avery showing Kinsley her shirt

Tuckered out after a long day for us all! I love these precious Daddy Daughter moments. :) 


Mom said...

These pictures are awesome. Thank you for sharing and keeping us posted! We love you all!!
Mom and Dad

N Muchnick said...

Love all of these pictures!!! Kinsley is soooo precious and you look incredible...definitely don't look like you just gave birth!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!!!

Jordan said...

Beautiful Family! Enjoy your time together!

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Congrats Abby! She is precious!!

Sarah said...

So So So proud of you and I'm excited that everything went so well and you had an amazing birth experience. Thanks for sharing!