Father's Day 2012

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend as a family and it went by too fast, as usual! Friday night Chris and I went on our last date night before baby K arrives. My parents were so sweet to offer to keep Avery for us and we enjoyed dinner at the French Quarter Grill in Val-p. Saturday morning Chris and I took Avery to the children's park and Dairy Queen. While she napped, Chris and I watched a movie and then we all went to the Saturday night church service. Sunday, Father's Day, I made a yummy french toast casserole (thank you, pinterest!!) for breakfast and we gave Chris his cards and gift from Avery. Later that morning we met some friends from MCG at the beach. For dinner we met my parents at a Japenese restaurant and then went to get ice cream with our dear friends, the Haynie's. It was such a great weekend getting to spend so much time together, just the three of us. And, for some Father's Day fun, Chris and Avery had a blast playing in the box that our diapers.com order came in! 

My two loves!

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