38 weeks and READY!

We're 38 weeks today and so ready to meet this precious little gift from the Lord. It's funny, because this whole time I've been telling friends that if she's a few days past her due date, then that is fine. What's another couple of days, right??? Well, once I hit 37 weeks that philosophy went out the window and every day I am more and more anxious to meet this baby girl. Actually, I thought Friday might have been the night.... I was having quite a few contractions and a lot of vaginal pain. I went to bed and around 11:30pm I woke up with pretty severe low back and abdominal pain. By midnight, all the pain and contractions were gone and here we are on Sunday at 38 weeks with no baby! So, I guess my body is still preparing for her arrival and I know she will come soon. I have to be patient and know that God's timing is perfect.  :)

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