39 weeks

As of Sunday I am officially 39 weeks! One week to go until my due date and a week and a half until my induction date! It's so excited to know that baby K will be here within the next week and a half no matter what! I'm really hoping to go into labor on my own this time and am anxious for the process to begin. I have tried everything to get this little girl to come out, but it seems as though she is just as comfortable in her home as her sister was. Still, I'm continuing to walk, exercise on the elliptical, and attend my strength training class. It seems that no amount of squats, lunges, mountain climbers or planks are going to get this girl to come out until SHE IS READY! 

I haven't been too uncomfortable until this week. The swelling has kicked in and I'm not sleeping well. I am definitely ready to meet our little girl!! 

Here is my HUGE belly at 39 weeks!

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