Kinsley:11 months

Kinsley is 11 months old! (well, almost 11.5 months at this point!!) I feel like she was just born and yet here I am planning her first birthday party. So strange! Kinsley is the happiest baby ever- seriously. She only cries if she is not feeling well or if her food is all gone. ha! I absolutely love watching her interact more with Avery and yet this is a challenging age, too. She gets into EVERYTHING and eats EVERYTHING! I find myself constantly following her around and making sure she is staying safe. She eats grass, leaves, and bugs (gross!) so I'm always on guard and carrying/holding her more than I probably should because I know that if we are outside and I put her down on a blanket to play, she will find the grass, etc to eat. So, it's just easier to hold her, but that also makes my daily tasks more of a challenge! All of that to say... it's a fun age, but it's also a disciplining stage, which is not fun for any of us.

Kinsley weighs 19 pounds at 11 months!!!

- Completed her first 8 week session of swim lessons and loves the water! she will turn and find the wall when asked!
- is starting to drink whole milk
- eats anything mommy and daddy eat.
- eats way more (in quantity) than big sister, Avery
- the only things I have found she doesn't really care for are peas, blueberries and sweet potatoes.... she likes them all in pureed baby foods, but when it comes to the real thing she spits it out.
- just cut her 4th tooth
- waves hi and bye
- has some awesome hair! and not a day goes by that I don't hear at least 3 comments about her crazy hair style.
- does not like to be confined to her bouncy
- is calmed when Avery sings to her -- melts my heart!
- is learning to walk while holding on to our hands
- crawls and pulls up
- plays peek a boo all of the time
- is very ticklish
- loves to be chased
- understands what "no" means but doesn't obey it! ha!
- wears size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes
- is loving on Bailey more and more these days!

Kinsley Rae: mommy and daddy love you so much more than you will ever be able to comprehend. Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness into our lives. You are such a blessing!!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Love the baby chub! It was interesting to witness the Kinsley phenomenon of eating anything she could pick up:)