K: 10 months

It hit me that my baby girl is almost a year old and I have no idea where the time has gone. The more that I think about her first birthday being less than 2 months away the more emotional I get. Why do our babies have to grow up so quickly?

Kinsley is without a doubt, the sunshine in my life. Her smile reaches her eyes every.single.time and the way she scrunches up her nose with each smile make her smile infectious. She is into absolutely every thing and she sure knows how to keep her mommy busy; but I wouldn't trade these busy, baby chasing stages for anything.

K at 10 months:

- has the most beautiful blue eyes
- is into everything
- is pulling up
- crawls on all fours
- loves to eat! Takes 4 (6-7 oz) bottles a day and baby food 3x/day. I'm also giving her whatever I am eating at the time. I didn't do that with Avery- I always made her something else, and that might be why she isn't the best of eaters. Kinsley, on the other hand will eat anything I put in front of her.
- takes swim lessons and is a water baby for sure! Even though she is only 10 months, she can understand "kick" and "find the wall".....
- her hair receives comments on a daily basis..... multiple times a day! It sticks up all over-- it doesn't matter if I wet it throughout the day and try to comb it down, within minutes its sticks right back up. Duck Fluff- as many people refer to it as. It's the SOFTEST hair I have ever felt. I only wish I could style it like that! haha!
- wears 9 month clothes, but they are quite snug on her.... 12 month clothing is in the not too distant future.
- wears size 3 diapers
- still loves bath time (water baby!!!)
- loves her big sister and is always watching her or chasing after her.
- gets away with a lot more than Avery ever did! (Second Child Syndrome!)
- Has some separation anxiety
- can sign "more", but she typically prefers to YELL if she is not getting fed fast enough. I don't really know how to break this habit and it drives her daddy crazy. Eating out is just not very respectful to others during this phase.....
- waves "hi" and "bye"and can say "bye-bye" and "ba-ba"(bottle)
- is encouraging mommy and daddy to baby proof our new house on a daily basis by getting into everything..... one of these days we might actually baby proof and mommy won't be such a nervous wreck anymore!

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