K: 9 months!

Kinsley is already 9.5 months old! Time is flying and I am reminded at just how fast time goes by on a daily basis when I watch my sweet little baby transform before me. She is more and more mobile every day and is fighting for the "happiest baby" title vs. her big sis at this age. Everyone always comments on how happy she is all of the time. It's true! She only fusses when she is hungry. Her smile is so adorable and lights up her beautiful blue eyes. Kinsley makes me so happy and has my heart overflowing with love for her.

9 month Stats:
Weight: 18lbs (25-50%)
Height: 27 1/4 in. (25-50%)
Head: 17 (25%)

- claps her hands
- gives the best hugs
- loves to play with Avery and Bailey and is interacting more with them each day
- "swims" across the floor on her tummy or rolls to the place she wants to be.
- can get into a sitting position on her own
- started her first swim lessons on April 1st. and LOVED it. She is a water baby for sure!
- Kicks and squeals whenever she hears the bath water turned on. She loves bath time and takes every bath with Avery. It's sometimes very difficult to bathe her because she is ALL OVER the tub!
- Has the best laugh when tickled
- Is officially weaned from breastfeeding. The day after she turned 9 months was the last nursing period for us.
- Drinks 4 (6-8 oz) bottles of formula daily and eats 3 containers of baby food each day.
- Typical schedule for Kinsley at 9 months: (boring for you, but neccessary for mommy to remember!)
                          6:30- wake up
                          7:15-7:30 - mommy gets her out of bed
                          7:30-8am - Bottle and fruit
                           10-12- nap (some days she doesn't go down 'til 10:45-11 depending on our day)            
                           12pm- bottle and veggie
                           1:45-3:30/4pm - Nap (same time as Avery)
                           4pm- Bottle
                           6pm- baby food dessert or veggie
                           7/7:15pm- bottle
                           7:15/7:30- bed
- Is really trying to pull up. She can get up on her knees but can't quite pull herself into a standing position yet
- We've had to lower her crib since she is trying to pull up
- Weighs more at 9 months than Avery did at 12 months!
- Can hold her bottle by herself as long as she is laying down
- Wears 9 month clothing or 6-12 clothing
- Wears size 3 diapers
- Had another double ear infection at her 9 month check up
- The Dr. heard a heart murmur at her 9 month appointment, also. The Dr. is not concerned and said this is VERY normal, but I was still pretty emotional that day. We go back in a couple of weeks to check on her heart and ears.
- says "baba" for bottle
- occassionally waves hi and bye and I'm pretty sure she is trying to say "bye-bye"

Kinsley Rae- you are truly a blessing in our lives and we love you so much. Thank you for always bringing a smile to our faces and lighting up our lives daily. We thank God for you every day!

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