fun things about Avery

I admit- I've been TERRIBLE about blogging lately. I am so amazed that my friends can keep up with their blogs so well because I'm finding it very difficult!

Avery amazes me every day. She is quite possibly the smartest toddler I know. She remembers everything and knows just what I need and when I need it. If only I could get her to listen and obey the very first time.....

Seriously, she is my biggest helper when it comes to her little sister. If Kinsley spits up, Avery is looking for a burp cloth before I can even process what happened. She is such a loving and caring big sister and I look forward to the day I can sit back and watch our girls interact together. Her nurturing personality is also reflected in the HOURS she spends feeding her baby dolls and changing their diapers.

She can sing her ABC's and is consistent with the letters she does know! I'm pretty sure it goes a little something like this: "abcfgjkopqrstvwxyz now abc's next time sing ME!" She also loves "the wheels on the bus go round and round" and every time we get in the car she begs me to turn it on.
We also sing "Jesus loves the little Children" each night before bed and I love that she makes me add "pink" in the song. so our version goes a little like "red and yellow, black and white and pink! they are precious in his sight....." It will be one of my favorite memories, I'm sure.

The girl is a climber! I find her in Kinsley's crib all of the time... thankfully only once have I found her in there while Kinsley was actually in there. The other day she was playing in her room and I thought she was a little too quiet ( never a good sign) so I went to check on her and found her sitting on her changing table with every bottle of butt paste and the hand sanitizer in her lap.

Oh yeah- and last week we found her naked in her bed covered in baby powder and hand sanitizer... this was almost an hour after we had put her down for the night. Apparently she is into trying to change her own diapers.

We were almost potty trained back in the fall and then found ourselves back in diapers after being sick. Well, this week she is showing a little more interest in the potty again. Still not as much as I would prefer, but at least it's something.

She loves to "work out" with daddy. She will do (her version) lunges, push ups, planks, and downward dog . She loves to run and be outside so I will be glad when this cold and rainy weather goes away.

Avery loves to get her hair cut and sits so nicely for whoever is cutting her hair.

Finally lets me put her hair up.... and actually has enough hair for pig tails!!!
She gives the best hugs and kisses and melts my heart when she says "I love you"

She is my pride and joy. I wish time would slow down (except for the times she is a defiant and testing two year old.... those times can fly right on by! hahaha)

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N Muchnick said...

Love the updates of your 2 sweet girls!! We need to get together again asap!!