Lilly- 9 months!

This little pumpkin is 9 months old! She is the happiest little baby and does all she can to keep up with her big sisters. Lilly is on the move and just in the last week she has learned so many new things.

9 month Stats:
(I still haven't taken her to the dr. for her 9 month check up and she is almost 10 months!)
head circ.:

Lilly at 9 months:
- she won't sit still!

- can wave
- pulls herself up to her feet
- is almost crawling on all 4's, but does the army crawl like a champ!
- can get into a sitting position on her own
- her first tooth came in on the bottom two days before she turned 9 months.
- is starting to eat table food and still eats her baby food 3x/day

- nurses 3-4 times a day
- wears 9 month clothes
- size 4 diapers
We love you, Lilly Ann!!!

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