Lilly 8 months old

Lilly turned 8 months old a week after we moved from Illinois to Alabama. I did take her pictures on the day she turned 8 months- but I am just posting this and she is almost 10 months. UGH! 

She loves her big sisters! 

She is on the MOVE

She enjoys her jumperoo for a short time

She is just absolutely beautiful!

 Just prior to turning 8 months she got to meet her friend, Sophie Muchnick!

She went to Miami just after turning 8 months and she also got to see and meet so many FL family members along the way!

- Back in Montgomery!-

- She does the belly crawl
- nurses 3-4 times a day
- wears 6-9 month clothing
- wears size 3 diapers

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

beautiful! Love the blog look!