Lilly 10 month stats

I finally took Lilly to the Dr for her 9 month check up... at 10 months old. I have always been the mom who takes her kids for their well checks the week they turn a certain age. However, with the move and needing to have medical records sent from Illinois to our new Dr. in Montgomery, we are now a month behind. Oh well. The Dr. wasn't concerned at all.

10 month stats:
Weight: 18 lbs 10 oz (40%)
Height: 28 in (65%)
Head Circ.: 17.5 (65%)

She had to have her finger pricked and also got the flu vaccine and the last of her Hep B. She cried, but not for long.  It didn't help that we were there during her nap time. :(

I am so thankful for a healthy little baby girl!

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