4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend... and after reading some of your blogs it sounds like you did! Chris and I had a great weekend working on the nursery (pictures to come) and celebrating the freedom of our country with friends and family. We started the 4th out by waking up somewhat early to finish the painting of the nursery and then headed to meet my parents and sister for a yummy breakfast at "Another Broken Egg" in Sandestin. It is by far our favorite breakfast place. After breakfast we went back to my mom and dad's and spent the afternoon on the beach. Our friends, Kim and Jordan, came over and spent the afternoon with us on the beach. We played "redneck golf" (as we like to call it) and I am proud to say that the two pregnant girls kicked some booty! Yep, Chris and Jordan lost to the pregnant girls.... sorry guys! We actually got to spend more time on the beach than I thought the rain would allow. Around 4:30-5:00 we saw the rain in the distance and decided we should head in... good thing, because weren't quite inside before the bottom fell out. Mom and Dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, Kim brought a delicious squash casserole, I made banana pudding and taffy apple pizza (thanks, Nat!!) and Amanda made guacamole. We ate like Kings and Queens. The night ended with a great fireworks show on the beach... which we actually missed the finale due to our own sparklers! The day was a blast and I am so thankful that I got to spend it with my family and friends. Also, these count as my belly pics for 23 weeks 6 days.
Kim is 27 weeks preggers!

Chris and Jordan trying so hard to light the sparklers... They ended up walking over to a bonfire on the beach and lit them that way!


Sarah and Davey said...

Glad you had a great holiday weekend! We did too. This is SO silly, but I've been having fun looking back on my weekly belly photos to see if I was the same size as you, and truthfully, it's pretty close! People would tell me that unless I turned sideways you couldn't tell I was pregnant, even to the end. You're the same way, at least that's what I can tell from pictures. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I know I did and I look forward to being pregnant again someday. (not yet though :)

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh yippie! I am stealing these pics and now I can blog:) Buying stuff to make that guacamole today....dreaming of it!