Under Construction

The nursery is under construction!! I absolutely love it so far! Chris has really been working hard this week and has done a terrific job. I know it's hard working all day then coming home to work on the nursery, but he has shown a lot of excitement and I think he's really enjoyed seeing his handiwork come together. I am so thankful for my husband and have been proud of him for trying new things and accomplishing them (you'll see in the following pictures).

Just a reminder of what the room looked like when we bought the house...

We've sold the furniture and are ready to decorate!

We spent a lot of time at Home Depot our first weekend working on the nursery... a trip on Saturday and a trip on Sunday, in fact. Here, Chris is cutting the chair rail and wainscoting- not an easy job when you don't have an electric saw!

SAFETY FIRST!!! Didn't want Baby "A" to inhale too many fumes, but I absolutely LOVE to paint so the solution was a face mask!

We didn't want the room to be too pink (or pepto bismol pink) so we chose a very pale pink for the top half of the room.

The wood is all cut and painted! Ready to be put on the walls!

The top and bottom of the room is all painted... now on to the wood work!

and the chair rail is up on one wall!! Bailey was wishing she could help. :)

Chris did the wainscoting by himself... it was a very tedious job and he did FABULOUS! It looks so good and it's amazing the difference it makes to the room.

As of today all of the wainscoting is up and all that needs to be done now is the caulking and touch up of the paint-- which Chris is working on as I type. SO, I better go help!! More to come soon!


Sarah and Davey said...

Go Chris! It looks fabulous. I love love love wainscoting, but we settled for the cheaper route and I painted the stripes. I still love those too. You're really starting to show Abby!

Debbie May said...

Chris' woodworking looks fantastic! It really does make all the difference in the room! You SHOULD be proud of him!