Valentin Imperial Maya- Cancun

On August 5th Christopher and I flew to the Rivieria Maya with three other couples from his grad school class. We went to an all inclusive resort called Valentin Imperial Maya. It was absolutely beautiful! The resort was huge and had 6 or 7 restaurants open for dinner. There was a beach and several pools with swim up bars. This place was wonderful! The other couples includes Chris and Courtney Shields, Alex and Jessica Volfson and Libby Schleisman and her fiance Jake. Chris, Alex, Jess and Libby were all in my Chris' PT class at MCG. Each couple lives in a different state. We all came from Texas, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina so it was great being able to catch up over a long and relaxing weekend.

Our first group picture- just a few hours after we arrived in Cancun on Thursday

Dinner at the French restaurant, night one. Alex tried to be artistic and got the twig from the centerpiece in the picture.

Friday, our first full day in Mexico. We spent most of the day on the beach then went to the pool for the afternoon. We all were fried by the end of the day. OOPS!

Dinner at the Indonesian restaurant

The boys.... Chris and Alex goofing off like normal!

The Chris'


Chris, Chris, Libby and Courtney went for a sail on the Hobie.

Libby, Chris and me hanging out by the swim up bar

Chris and Courtney Shields

Libby, Courtney, Jess and me at the Japanese Restaurant on Saturday night....

me and my love

Aren't they handsome??

This is where we spent all day on Saturday and Sunday... on the beach and in the shade!

Alex, Jess, me and Chris

Our last night. Dinner at the Italian restaurant- not sure about the art about our heads...

Baby A's first trip to Mexico!!! :)

Me and Libby!

Courtney, Chris, Chris, Jake and Libby in the courtyard on our last night in Mexico.

Belly Picture of the week: 28 weeks 6 days

Monday morning waiting for our ride back to the airport.... so sad.

Our last picture in Mexico. :(

This was a much needed break for all of us and mine and Chris' last vacation before our baby girl comes. The weather was beautiful, with only two rain showers each lasting maybe ten minutes. This was a great start to our annual DPT class reunions!

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Kara said...

Looks like you all had a blast! I went to the Valentin Imperial Maya for an anniversary and loved it. Would have been so much fun with a group of friends!