Due Date/Induction Date

Monday is my due date!!! I can't believe that 40 weeks has finally arrived. I have absolutely loved being pregnant, but these last 2 weeks have gone by so slowly. Chris and I are so anxious to meet our little girl and to finally be able to hold her in our arms. I think I may have mentioned in my last post that my dr doesn't want me to go past 41 weeks due to increased risks for the baby. Sacred Heart (the hospital I will be delivering at) only performs elective inductions Monday thru Thursdays. As of this past Wednesday all induction appointments were full and my dr told me she would call me if anything came available. Well, on Friday afternoon I got a call from the nurse saying that Monday morning is the only time available and basically, I could take it or leave it. Well, of course that was like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit... After much prayer and consideration, Chris and I decided that Monday would be the best option for us rather than hoping something else opened up. Over the last day we have learned that Monday is really an answer to prayer and we have been shown that God's hand was definitely in this situation. He is so GOOD!! Monday works best for Chris' work schedule as well as my dad's and father-in-law's schedule. If we had waited for an appointment later in the week then some of our immediate family would not have been able to be there on the day that she was born. Again, GOD IS GOOD! He works in ways that we cannot always see and for that I am so grateful. Please keep Chris, baby and me in your prayers on Monday. Pray for a healthy baby and a smooth delivery. Pray for safety for me and the baby and that I won't be too nervous going in on Monday morning. I've never broken a bone, or needed surgery so the thought of having to have an IV and epidural and the many other things that I am about to experience makes me a little nervous. I just keep reminding myself of the wonderful outcome at the end of it all! We will definitely keep you all updated over these next few days. We can't wait to share our little baby with you!


The Capps said...

Just to calm your fears some...the epidural is a joke...never even felt it...you will be fine!! They are heaven sent!!

Mark and Janna said...

Agree with Lindsay, didn't even feel the epidural. And I had never had an IV before Lucy so that freaked me out more than anything....ha! But it really wasn't bad...nothing compared to the contractions anyway :) Good luck!

Rachael said...

good luck abby! you look so cute