Avery's many visitors

Chris' parents: Ed and Cheryl
{Poppop and Grandmommy}

My Family: David, Valerie and Amanda
{Granddaddy, Mimi, and Aunt Amanda}

{Marilyn (Aunt Mo), Mimi and Avery's Great-Grandmama}

{Avery's Great-Aunt Tara}

{Our sweet friends, Paige and Todd, came to the hospital to meet Avery
just a few hours after she was born!}

{Our MCG buddy, Lauren, came to meet Avery on Tuesday}

{My Nana (Avery's GG) flew in from GA on Tuesday!}

{Me with my daughter and my grandmothers!}

{PawPaw and MawMaw drove down from GA on Thursday to meet Avery. PawPaw loves his great-granddaughter so much he wouldn't even look at the camera for a picture!!}

{Chris' brother, Justin (aka: Uncle J) drove down from Birmingham on Saturday to meet his niece}

{Avery's Great-Aunt Debbie and Great-Uncle Chuck drove up from South Florida for a night with Avery. They definitely traveled the farthest to see Avery- THANK YOU! It was a wonderful surprise for all of us!}

{Our friend, Janie, and her kids, Keller, and twins Kate and Asher came to meet Avery last week. There are actually five kids in this picture as Janie is expecting #4 in June!! Keller, Kate and Asher were Avery's first friends to visit!!}

Chris and I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family in our lives. Avery is so loved and all of your calls, texts, cards and visits mean so much to us. Thank you to all of you who have helped us welcome Avery into our lives. I can't wait for Avery to meet everyone!!!


Rachael said...

congrats abby! she is precious. and you looked great too! not many people look that good right after!

Jordan said...

How about a "we miss the Howell's shout out in the "Friends" blog"?!?!?!?!