I cannot believe I have a one month old.... I have and will continue to say that time just goes by so fast! Avery was one month old on Thanksgiving Day. She has changed so much over these past few weeks and I must say it's a little bitter sweet. We love watching her grow, but it makes me sad to think she isn't truly a newborn anymore. Here are a few things Avery is doing at one month:

-her looks are changing every day. For the first week or two I thought she was a "mini-me", but as the weeks go by I see less of myself and more of Chris in her.
-she is getting stronger every day and is able to hold her head up for longer periods of time as each day passes.
-we've heard her make a few "oohs" and "ahhhs"
-eye contact! occasionally she will look at us and we know she isn't staring right through us!
-rolling from her stomach to her back
-barely squeezing into our last few newborn diapers (I won't let them go to waste!!!)
-she still sleeps ALL of the time, but we do have a few moments of awake time with her each day. I find that I might be taking all of this sleep for granted, because I know a day will come soon when I will WISH she would go to sleep!!
-She is letting mommy and daddy sleep for 4.5 to 5 hours uniterrupted at night- though this still doesn't happen every night, but we are getting there!

{Here is Avery just a few mintues after she was born}

{Our one month old!}
I told you the girl likes her sleep (just like her mommy). It was impossible to take this picture with her eyes open.


Kimberly and Jordan said...

I love the last pic. I need to start making the signs for each month!

The Sanders said...

Just realized that she'll be 2 months old on Christmas day!!! How fun!!

Meredith said...

She's so sweet!!!

Mandie said...

Good idea writing the signs for a monthly picture! I agree - she does look like Chris. I know you're having a blast and I'm so glad she likes to sleep for you.

The Capps said...

Just Precious!!! Thanks for sharing

Amanda said...

So glad I was able to see her roll over! that was such a fun day! and i love how excited we all were! ha

Betsy said...

Is nursing going better now?!!?