The Allen's visit!

The weekend before Thanksgiving our best friends from Birmingham came down to meet Avery. Luke and Chris met their freshman year at Samford and eventually figured out that their girlfriends would both be attending Samford the following year and were looking for roommates. Ali and I lived together our freshman year at Samford and she and Luke got married the following year. They now have two beautiful little girls, Mae- 4 years old, and Savannah- 1 year old. I love that we have all remained so close throughout the years. We are truly so blessed to have them in our lives and we look forward to the many memories we will continue to make.

{Mae and Avery meeting for the first time}

{Ali and Avery}

{Kisses from Mae!}
{Savannah going in for a kiss!}

{Luke and Avery}

{Savannah playing in Avery's crib- So cute!}


{At the Niceville park}
{Avery's first trip to the park}

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