2 months old!

Our little munchkin was 2 months old on Christmas day. WOW... I cannot believe it! Avery has brought so much joy into our lives and we love watching her grow each day. These past two months have been absolutely wonderful. Chris and I have learned so much over these last few months about each other and about parenting. It's been a great ride so far and we are looking forward to the many months and years to come!

Things Avery is doing at two months:
-still rolling over from tummy to back (not always, but sometimes)
-cooing and ahhhing-- we love to hear her talk!
-finding her hands-- her mouth found her hands a few weeks ago (I think she'll be a thumb sucker- those hands are ALWAYS in her mouth) but on Sunday, December 26th, her eyes found her hands. It's fun watching her watch her hands and discover that they belong to her.
-SLEEPING... the girl loves her sleep. She naps very well and doesn't cry when we put her down any more. Hallelujah! :) At 6 weeks she started sleeping longer periods during the night and by 7 weeks she was sleeping through the night. AMAZING! We generally put her down between 9:30-10pm and wake her up between 6-6:15am. Babywise, baby!! (Of course, this is when we are at home... we just spent a week in Douglasville for Christmas and she was WAY off schedule and not used to her environment....)
-she makes spit bubbles
-still not a huge fan of tummy time
-She is more alert during her wake times
-loves her paci
-absolutely LOVES to stare at lights
-the girl has great head control
-enjoys her swing
-she prefers to look to her right, and since she likes to sleep with her head facing the right she now has a flat spot on her head...
-she still loves bathtime!!!

On Monday, December 27th, I took Avery to the doctor for her two month well check-up. It was a tough appointment for her because she received her first round of vaccinations. Poor thing. She did absolutely fabulous. The first vaccine was oral for the rotavirus and she tolerated that pretty well. The tough part was the three shots in her thighs. She was NOT happy. It was interesting to watch b/c she had a delayed reaction to the first shot. It took several seconds for her to realize what happened and then the earpiercing screams came. Her entire head was as red as a tomato she was screaming so loudly. The nurse was so quick and I was able to pick Avery up immediately following the shots and thankfully the cries did not last long. She was asleep before we left the building. Avery slept for several hours once we got home and had one major meltdown. She fell asleep in my arms and I didn't want to wake her up so I held her and even drifted off to sleep myself. I think that is the first time I've ever slept while holding her and I have to admit it was a sweet time. I didn't go into a deep sleep but I really enjoyed just relaxing and holding my baby girl. The shots made her a little more fussy than usual, but we made it through the day.

Avery's stats at two months:
Weight: 9lbs 8oz (25%)
Height: 22 3/4 inches (50-75%)
Head circ.: 37cm (10%)

Overall, Avery is doing really well at two months. The only concern the doctor has is that she thinks Avery might have reflux. I was dissappointed in this because she gave me a prescription for Avery and we are to give it to her for the next two weeks and then I will have to take her back to the pediatrician to see if there is any change. Please pray that the reflux goes away so that we don't have to give her any more meds as I hate the fact that I'm giving my two month old medication already.

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