10 months

Our sweet girl is 10 months old today! Welcome to the double digits, Avery!! :) 

As you can see from the pictures above; Avery is literally all over the place and sitting still is NOT an option for this little girl!! I struggled to get a decent 10 month picture of her and the paper obviously didn't stand a chance this month!!

Avery at 10 months old:
-walking with support
-pulling up on everything
-is learning how to clap her hands
-waves "hi" and "bye"
-can sign "more"- it's very similar to clapping her hands
-is a water baby for sure! Whether it's the ocean, pool or bath tub, if you put her in water she is a happy baby!

-has had two accident reports filled out for her at the gym's child care.... in the last month! The first was because she lost her balance and fell into a book shelf. The second (Tuesday Aug 23), was because an older girl hit her in the head with a toy. NOT COOL! 

If you look closely you can see a red line on her head from where she was hit.

-she is all smiles!

-is getting used to independent play time in her pack 'n' play- though she still cries when we first put her in it.
-never sits in her swing anymore...we should probably pack it up
-loves her new convertible car walker!

-separation anxiety is beginning to set in...
-she is still a very content and laid back baby
-mommy and daddy are having to learn how to discipline when it comes to teaching Avery safety around the house because she is into everything!
-learned how to open cabinets and drawers yesterday! Oh Dear.....

Avery is truly a blessing in our lives and we continue to thank God daily for allowing us to be her parents. It's so hard to believe that she will be one year old in just two short months!! Happy 10 months baby girl! We love you!!!!!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

I love her car..haha! So cool that she can sign more..Adalynn is stuck on 'all done'. Happy 10 months Avery!