SanDestin Triathalon

Chris participated in his first triathalon on Saturday, August 20, 2011. It was such a great day full of lots of energy and excitement. Chris has been training for about 3 months for this race and we cannot believe that it has already come and gone. I think we are both still on a high from the experience. We woke up at 4 am on Saturday morning and were out of our house by 4:50am and on our way over the bridge to SanDestin. Seeing all 800 participants and all of their gear crowded in one area as the sun was rising was really quite a sight. The race began at 6:15am with a half mile swim, followed by a 20 mile bike ride and lastly, a 4 mile run. Chris and five of our friends participated in the triathalon and had all done a practice run the weekend before. Chris had finished his practice run in 2 hours and 15 minutes and therefore set himself a goal of completeing the triathalon in 2 hours or less and I am so proud to announce that he accomplished his goal!!!! Chris swam half a mile, biked 20 miles and ran 4 miles in 1 hour 57 minutes!   I couldn't be more proud of him. As a spectator of the race, I was completely enthralled by the energy and adrenaline surrounding the race. I can't wait for his next race! 

Thank you to Cheryl, Mom, Amanda, Justin, Adriane, Micah and Mrs. Karen for coming to support and cheer Chris on for his first triathalon. We know it was an EARLY morning, but your support means so much to both of us. It was a great morning and we hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Getting set up for his first tri! It's about 5:30am at this point.
Chris' youngest fans! Avery and Micah did SO well for waking up before 5am!

Chris' biggest fans!!!!! 

Chris, Jack and Lachlyne getting ready for their swim

and they're off!

running up the beach to the transition point

Transitioning from the swim to the 20 mile bike-- still feeling good!

Mrs. Karen, Cheryl, Mom, Amanda, Avery, Justin, Adriane and Micah waiting for Chris to come back from his 20 mile bike ride

PT significant others!!
Gwen, Regina, me and Brian cheering on our PT group!

Entertaining themselves...
coming back in from his 20 mile bike ride- he did this in exactly one hour!

Starting the last part of his race! The 4 mile run!!!
off he goes!

We woke Avery up at 4:30am and she stayed awake until the very end. She fell asleep about TWO minutes before Chris finished his race! She was a trooper!

The first of the PT group to finish the race! Here he comes!!!

He was in the second heat, so he really finished in 1 hour 57 minutes!!!

I am SO proud!!!!

Chris and his fan club!

Love this picture of Chris and his mom!
Our family after Chris' first triathalon!!!


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