Avery is now 9 months old! How crazy is that?!!? I didn't have the same feelings of sadness and shock as I did when she hit the eight month mark, but am definitely well aware that we will have a one year old before we know it. Avery is so much fun at 9 months. She interacts with us (and Bailey) so much more than she used to and has such a wonderful personality-- she could be the definition of the words content and laid back. Seriously. We are so in love with our little girl and continue to thank God for allowing us to be her parents. 
she even tries to eat Bailey.... that's a "no no" in our house!!

Avery's 9 month stats (July 25th):
weight: 16lbs 4oz (25%) 
height: 26.5 in (25%)
Head Circ.: 17in (25%)

She weighs the EXACT same as she did on June 27th- not an ounce more! I'm guessing it is just because she got really active in the last month... I was thrilled to see that her head was now in the 25th percentile after being in the 10th percentile for so long! So, even though she didn't gain any weight I know that she is healthy and growing. 

Things Avery is doing at 9 months:
- scooting all around the house! We call it the army crawl.
- "walking" with help all around the house!
- can get into a sitting position from her belly
- is learning to crawl on her hands and knees
- she and Mommy have begun the weaning process and now only nurses 2 times (morning and night) and takes 2 bottles of frozen breastmilk during the day
- is loving table foods and can feed herself
- is able to grab and hold her food with her thumb and index finger
- has 2 bottom teeth
- wears size 3 diapers
- wears 9 month clothes from Carters and 6-12 month clothes from most other shops! She has always been right on par with clothing sizes for her age.
- waves hi and bye (though not every time)
- clapped her hands for the first time on July 31st
- thinks Bailey's toys are more fun than her own... GROSS!!
- she is learning to enjoy playing in her pack n play throughout the day
- would rather be standing/walking than sitting or lying down
- is ALWAYS on the go- seriously, we never stop!
- went to story time at the library for the first time
- played at the children's park 

going down the slide with her friend, Kate!
so much fun!!! They are going to be great friends!

- finds the washer and dryer to be really fasinating and entertaining.


Happy 9 months little monkey!! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

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