18 month update

Today was Avery's 18 month check-up and she was not a fan! She did great in the waiting room, but as soon as we walked back into the hallway she had a death grip on me. Then, we tried to measure her length and head and the girl was screaming and we the nurse and I had a hard time pinning her down to get all of her stats. Even putting her on the scale you would have thought she was being tortured. The poor little thing was in hysterics and that was the easy part of the visit! Once back in the room and the nurses were gone, she livened up some. The doctor came in and it was difficult to keep Avery still while the Dr. listened to her heart and lungs with the stethescope. The screaming and writhing was so pitiful....
Avery has had a full body rash all week and we haven't done anything different that may have caused it, so the Dr. ordered a strep test. This is the second time Avery has had a strep test done in her short 18 months of life and like the last time, it came back negative. SO, the doctor said the rash is probably from a virus and it just needs to run its course.... It started on Monday and it's now Thursday and it is still there- hopefully it will go away soon. Thankfully Avery doesn't seem bothered by it. After the strep test, Avery only had to get poked once! Usually she gets 3-4 sticks at her check-ups, so 1 stick was great! Of course, she did not enjoy being pinned down and poked, but she didn't cry long after the stick.

At the doctor's office - May 3, 2012
Weight: 20lbs 9.6oz (5%)
Heigh: 32 in(50%)
Head Circ.: 18 (25%)

So, she is a tall and skinny little thing. We are finally able to turn her carseat to face forward. They suggest waiting until they are 2 but the dr said that if she can't straighten her legs out then we can go ahead and turn her around. That's been our biggest concern, is that she is just squished back there. It will be nice to turn her around and give her more leg room.

Things I forgot to mention in the last post:
-Avery can blow her nose
-oh! she cut another tooth this last week so that makes 13!
-did I mention she loves to read books????


Emily said...

haha this is terrible but seeing her tall and skinny makes me feel better about my kids haha there's no way they're going to make it to 20lbs before they hit 1, we'll be lucky if they're 20lbs by 18 months haha

Amanda Archer said...

Love this! Growing girl ,