Baby K bump

I think I say this in every pregnancy post with baby K, but I seriously cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is going compared to the last. I'm 33 weeks already and our precious little girl will be here before we know it.
Here is the bump at 33 weeks 1 day!

It's so funny how proud I was at my bump back at 16, 20, 26 weeks and to look at my belly now compared to then it's really quite funny because I barely had a bump at all!! I felt the same way during my pregnancy with Avery.

I'm still feeling really great- yes, I'm starting to get the annoying leg cramps and my lower back is beginning to hurt, but I really can't complain. I'm still working out, but not running at all. I'll walk through the neighborhood, get on the elliptical at the gym and go to the body rip and strength training classes. Of course, I used to exercise about 4-5 times a week earlier in the pregnancy, but now I'm down to 2-3 days a week with a lot of modifications, but at least I'm not just bumming around on the couch! (like that's even possible with a 1.5 year old!!!) I'm still able to wear my wedding rings, though they are getting tighter. I have to take them off when I sleep because I get so hot and tend to swell during the night. I think I wore my rings up till 36-37 weeks with Avery. I guess we'll see if I can make it that long this time.... I really don't think I will.

In many ways this pregnancy has been much like the first, but also very different. I am so grateful to our God for allowing me to experience another pregnancy and for blessing us with another girl. I cannot wait to meet her and to see Avery interact with her.

7 weeks to go!!!! :)

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Amanda Archer said...

Big belly! Hurry up and get here little girl!