Halloween 2013

Our first Halloween in Chicagoland was a great one! 

We had a little baby chick.....

and Izzy the Pirate from Jake and the Neverland Pirates....

It was a rainy day, but we had about 30 minutes of no rain so we hit the sidewalks of our new neighborhood for some trick or treating.

Avery loved trick or treating and would rush up to the doors without waiting on her sister. haha. She was having a blast and would have kept going had it not started raining and her mom and dad forced her to go inside! (We aren't too fun, the rain came and we were ready to go inside!! It was COLD!)

They got a lot of goodies!! (Mommy has eaten most of it over the last month.....)

We think Avery had more fun waiting on the kids to come to our house, which was so sweet!

That's a quick post on our first thanksgiving in Illinois!  Everyone really only cares about the pictures anyway!!! :)

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