K: 17 months

November 21st-- Kinsley Rae turned 17 months! 

She is so active and into everything. We finally baby proofed some areas, like the pantry. However, there are some places that I just haven't been able to "Kinsley Proof" such as the entertainment console. Almost daily she pulls out all of the DVD's and who has to put them back?? MOM! It's quite frustrating, but I guess it could be worse! 

Some firsts for Kinsley at 17 months..... 
-We have a house with stairs here in Illinois and she has tumbled down them once. 
- She got her first hair cut just 2 days after she turned 17 months. (Avery didn't even have any hair at this age! haha!!) 



- After her first hair cut she had her first sucker. 

More from Kinsley at 17 months:

-She loves books
- Says "mama", "dada", "bye-bye" "night- night" 
- Has meltdowns every time I go into the kitchen to prepare a meal. What is that all about!?!? The second I walk into the kitchen she is crying and screaming and wants to be held. Seriously!? 
- Loves bath time
- Loves to brush her teeth... as soon as I say it's time to go brush our teeth she flys up the stairs and into the bathroom. Too funny!
- has 12 teeth
- wears 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers
- Understands so much but isn't able to verbalize much yet. 
- Loves her pacifiers and they often fall out of her crib at night. That results in more meltdowns in the middle of the night or early morning hours and we have to get up to give it back to her. We usually put 3 paci's in her crib at one time and that doesn't help. I know I should probably cut the pacifiers out of our lives, but I'm just not ready for days of torture..... 
- Kinsley occassionally takes a morning nap but definitely gets an afternooon nap. 
- She is the happiest little girl and loves to cuddle. 

You are nearing a year and a half and we can't imagine our lives without you! Love you, Kinsley Rae!!

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