K: 16 months

Sweet Kinsley is 16 months and is quite a handful! She definitely keeps us on our toes, but she also shows us so much affection. I love this age and am trying to enjoy every minute because I know she will be grown up before I know it.

16 months:
- you now live in Chicagoland!
- you are so affectionate and give THE.BEST.HUGS. you are much more affectionate than your big sister who only likes to cuddle if she is sick....
- walking all over the place
- you try to do everything your big sis does, including trying to spit when brushing your teeth. It's the cutest thing ever!
- Your hair is long enough for a pony tail!
- you still love to be chased and I love your laugh when we do chase you!
- you now have 11 teeth and may be cutting another bottom molar now....
- Still need two naps a day, though its rare you get two. If you do get your much needed morning nap, it's only an hour long. Usually we are out and about in the mornings and you only cat nap in the car or miss your morning nap all together. Those days you are a bit more cranky, but that's mommy's fault for not ensuring you get your nap.
- You wear 12-18 month clothes
- size 4 diapers
- you eat pretty much everything.

Kinsley- you are our precious baby girl and we love you! Stop growing up so fast!!!!!!

You are into EVERYTHING!!! :)

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