Kinsley's 2 year Stats: 

weight: 25lbs 2.5oz (48%)
height: 34.25 in (53%)
head circ.: 18.5 in (48%)

How is it even possible that our sweet little Kinsley Rae is two years old already? She is truly a delight to be around. Her personality is oh so cute and she makes us smile and laugh daily. Kinsley often times dances to the beat of her own drum.... okay, ALL the time! She will follow Avery around and do every little thing Avery does, but she also has a mind of her own and when she gets something on her mind, by golly she will follow through with whatever that might be. Kinsley is clumsy and will for sure be the child that puts us in the ER for the first time. Every day she falls and busts something.... I seriously can't believe she still has all of her teeth still. Not only is she clumsy, but she is daring. So far, she has been my earliest climber and she isn't afraid of anything.... except characters in costumes. (Chuckie Cheese, Santa Clause, and I'm sure Mickey Mouse would even frighten her if we made it down to Disney). She's my little dare devil and keeps me on my toes.

Kinsley is also the most kind, caring, loving and compassionate two year old I have ever known. If you cry, she will be right by your side rubbing your arm or giving you a hug. She LOVES to cuddle and loves to be held..... since she was out of the womb this has been her personality! I love watching her gentle spirit. You should see her with babies! She is hands on - all the time- and loves to hold them, kiss them and hug them. She doesn't understand that people have this thing called a "bubble" and she will bust up into your bubble - or any child's bubble- at any time. Some kids don't mind it, but it freaks most children her age.

Her hair is blonde! Like, really blonde. More so than Avery's hair. It's hard to believe she was born with such a head full of dark hair. It's also wavy.... on top it can be pretty curly, but in the back is straight. She has party hair, for sure. Her "bangs" are finally growing longer and are just past her eyes- which means she can't see most of the time or I have to put her hair up, which is always a fight!

She is wearing 24 month clothing and size 4 diapers. She is obsessed with her paci's. I have tried to break her of the habit and we were really good about her only having them in her bed. Then we traveled for two weeks and she got hooked again and I will find her sneaking the paci's out of her bed. She is beginning to use more words and will pair two, sometimes three, words together at a time. She is usually extremely clinging and fussy when she wakes up in the mornings and from naps.

She is a mess.... all of the time. Meal time is messy, craft time is messy, life is messy.... but that's who she is and I love it. My OCDness about cleanliness gets the best of me and my attitude toward her messiness, but I am really trying to LET IT GO!

Kinsley was a flower girl in her Aunt Amanda's wedding just a few weeks before she turned two. I had to carry her down the aisle, but she still did great and didn't cry like I expected her to do.

Kinsley Rae, we love you more than words can express. You brighten our days and you show us how to love each day. Thank you for your loving, silly and sometimes defiant ways. Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!

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