Kinsley's Health

Kinsley's two year check up went well and the doctor said she is healthy, but we do have a few concerns. The first is that her iron levels came back low. I think they are supposed to be above 11 and Kinsley's levels were at 9.2. She has to take a liquid iron supplement that she absolutely abhors and is supposed to be eating foods rich in iron. HA! My once non-picky eater is now a challenge to feed so finding healthy, iron enriched foods that she will actually eat is a joke! She does take a gummy vitamin every day and some days I succeed in getting her to take her iron supplement. We are to go back to the dr. in two months to check her iron levels.

When she was 13 months old she had tubes put in her ears. They worked fabulously because she has not had an ear infection since! At her 2 year appointment, we found out that one of her tubes has fallen out. This is not a good or bad thing. We knew it would happen at some point. The tube in her left ear is still in tact, and even though the tube in her right ear has come out, it still looks great! No fluid! YAY!

Back up even further to her 9 month check-up. Her pediatrician heard a heart murmur and though she wasn't concerned, she still referred us to a cardiologist. We went to the cardiologist in Pensacola and were relieved to hear that the murmur was benign and that she should outgrow it. Well, last week at her 2 year appointment, the pediatrician said that the murmur is still there and seems louder in the bottom of the heart.... so, we have been referred back to cardiology. Please pray that this will heal on it's own and that the cardiologist doesn't find anything to be concerned about.

Overall, Kinsley is a healthy girl and we are so, very thankful!

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