Boy or Girl?

Some folks pray for a boy, and some
For a golden-haired little girl to come.
Some claim to think there is more of joy
Wrapped up in the smile of a little boy,
While others pretend that the silky curls
And plump, pink cheeks of the little girls
Bring more of bliss to the old homeplace
Than a small boy's queer little freckled face.

Now which is better, I couldn't say
If the Lord should ask me to choose today;
If He should put in a call for me
And say: "Now what shall your order be,
A boy or girl? I have both in store-
Which of the two are you waiting for?"
I'd say with one of my broadest grins:
"Send either one, if it can't be twins."

I've heard it said, to some people's shame,
They've cried with grief when a small boy came.
For they wanted a girl. And some folks I know
Who wanted a boy, just took on so
When a girl was sent. But it seems to me
That mothers and fathers should be happy
To think, when the stork has come and gone,
That the Lord should trust them with either one.

Boy or girl? There can be no choice;
There's something lovely in either voice.
And all that I ask of the Lord to do
Is to see that the mother comes safely through.
And guard the baby and have it well,
With a perfect form and a healthy yell,
And a pair of eyes and a shock of hair.
Then, boy or girl- and it's dad won't care.

Edgar A. Guest

This poem was read to me on Tuesday at a surprise baby shower that the ladies at the preschool through for me. I was in tears when it was read that "the Lord should trust them with either one". Chris and I will find out on June 2 if baby is a boy or a girl and it is encouraging to know that God has trusted us to care for his child.... boy or girl....
I'm tearing up as I write this. Children are such a wonderful blessing and yes, "there is something lovely in either voice". Christopher and I have prayed from day one that our child will be healthy. People always ask us what we hope the baby is but our answer is always the same.... we don't have a preference, as long as baby is healthy! I just wanted to share this poem with you all because it is very special to me during this time of my life.

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