Hey guys! I just realized that I forgot to tell you all how my OB appointment went last week! I was originally scheduled for Wednesday morning May 5th, but was rescheduled to the afternoon because the Dr. had to be in surgery during my morning appointment. This change in times resulted in Chris not being able to go to the appointment with me-- we were pretty frustrated but had to remind ourselves that if it was me having the surgery I would want the Dr. there!! So, my mom went to the appointment and needless to say she was absolutely THRILLED that I invited her to go! Let me remind you that this was not an ultrasound, but an OB check up. Well, I get signed in and a tech comes out and asks me if I wanted to find out what I was having. My response? "I'm not having an ultrasound today." She said she knew it was not scheduled, but if I wanted to find out she would take me back and do an ultrasound and tell me what I am having.... I couldn't believe it!!! If Chris had been there you better believe I would have jumped on that offer, but that is the ONE appointment Chris really wants to be at and I really want him there when we find out also. I still cannot believe that I could have found out!!! It's all ok though, because now the baby has a few more weeks to really develop and we can be completely sure what it is at our next appointment!! Of course my mom was hoping that I would have the ultrasound done so that she could see baby, but I remained strong and still said no! The appointment went really well. The baby's heartbeat sounded strong and I really really like my Dr. Our next appointment is 3 weeks from today.... it's the big appointment where they will check all of the baby's development and tell us the sex!!! I cannot wait!!!

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