Sarasota Beach wedding

I have to brag for just a minute.... the drive from our house to Sarasota is 8 hours and I have to tell you that Avery did absolutely FABULOUS being strapped in her carseat for such a long period of time. She hardly fussed at all and is such a great little traveler. We have learned to be flexible with her schedule and she adapts very well. I love her laid back, content and happy personality.
she slept holding her foot like this for quite a while... so funny!

{hanging out at the hotel pool in Sarasota!}


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jake Toomer who just got married on Sunday, May 1st! The wedding was on the beach in Longboat Key, FL and though it was HOT and we were surrounded by love bugs, it was absolutely beautiful. I love barefoot beach weddings! After the ceremony, we went to the reception and enjoyed the coctail hour while the wedding party stayed at the beach to take pictures. Everything was so perfect! The bride, Libby, lookedgorgeous and we could not be happier for she and Jake. (Libby and Chris were in grad school together at MCG and Libby is one that we have kept in touch with since they graduated two years ago.) We have enjoyed watching her and Jake get to know each other and grow in their relationship.

We made a little road trip out of the wedding weekend and brought my parents along as babysitters since we were not taking Avery to the wedding. I've never been to Sarasota and I must say that I fell in love with the area. It's so beautiful down there! Sarasota is not far from Anna Maria Island, where Chris grew up vacationing. His Granddad built a house on the island back in the 80's (I think) and every year the Ireland's would spend a week or two of their summer vacation with their Granddad. Sadly, his Granddad sold the place just a few months after Chris and I started dating, so I was never able to visit. This weekend we drove by the house and Chris was able to show us a little bit of his past. Unfortunately, the new owners were not home, but Chris was able to show us the outside of the house. It was so great seeing his face light up and to see how excited he was to be back at that house. He has so many wonderful memories at that place and he loved being able to share some of those with us.

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