7 months

7 months.... a week late!

I say it every month, and I'll say it yet again.... our little girl is growing way too fast! These past 7 months have been so incredible and every day we are amazed at how much Avery changes. Have there been difficult times in the past 7 months? Absolutely. Especially in the nursing department.... but my frustrations are so easily forgotten when our little girl looks up at me with those big blue eyes and sweet toothless grin. Chris and I are both loving this stage and every day we fall more and more in love with Avery. We have been so incredibly blessed and our cup overflows!

Avery at 7 months:
-you had your first ear infection
-you are rolling all over the place
-you have the most infectious laugh
-you can't crawl yet, so you roll yourself back and forth and gradually inch your way to the place or object you want to be near.
-you love to sleep on your tummy
-you are still the most content, laid back baby ever
-you love Bailey and try to interact with her more every day
-you have mastered sitting by yourself and are learning how to lunge yourself forward onto your hands- though you still face plant quite a bit. We have no doubt you will be crawling soon.

trying to crawl- notice the bottom in the air and her face on the ground... 
trying to push off with her leg- again, bottom in the air and chest and head still on the ground...

-you are currently still taking two long naps and one catnap during the day, but I think you are about ready to drop that catnap....
-you actually jump in your jumperoo now and love it!
-you hold your arms up when we go to pick you up
-you now eat an entire gerber pack (about 2.5 oz) twice a day- yummy!
-when you get bored you lay your head down and suck your thumb, only for 30 seconds or so, before you continue whatever it is that you were doing... but that is your way of letting us know you are bored and ready to move on.

-you no longer need to bathe in your bath sling... you can sit up like a big girl!!
-you are wearing size 3 diapers
-you wear 6-9 month clothing (and the occassional 3-6 month dress)

 Avery, we love you!!!!! Happy 7 months, baby girl!


Sarah said...

I love the first picture of her tackling the bear to get to the paper! I remember a distinct time when monthly picture taking became increasingly more difficult. So much for sitting still. She's growing like crazy!

N Muchnick said...

she is soo precious!! i am going to need to see you and Sweet Avery asap!!!